Business law

  • Advising in order to define the most suitable legal forms for conducting business in Poland;
  • Assistance in setting up the partnerships/companies, chambers of commerce, think tanks, associations, foundations etc.;
  • Strategic advice for start-ups;
  • Full legal services for business entities, including municipal companies, drafting required documents, commercial contracts, ongoing legal advisory;
  • Implementation of corporate governance (compliance): drafting of agreements, statutes, bylaws, regulations;
  • Legal support for corporate bodies (management board, supervisory board, shareholders’ meetings, general meetings of shareholders);
  • Notifying the National Court Register (KRS) about all required updates and data changes made by the company/partnership, completing all the necessary formalities in National Court Register;
  • Legal support relating to bond issue.

Transactions, M&A

  • Due diligence of business entities – companies, partnerships, entrepreneurships;
  • Negotiating terms and conditions of transactions;
  • Legal counselling relating to M&A transactions (shares, stocks);
  • Preparing pre-transaction documentation (NDA, term sheet, investment agreements);
  • Advising on purchase and sale of shares or stocks (SPA);
  • Advising on the transfer of an organised part of an enterprise;
  • Advising on introducing changes in ownership structure in enterprises;
  • Legal counselling in the process of enterprise’s succession;
  • Formation and legal advisory for joint ventures.

Smart city

  • Legal counselling in terms of drafting, preparing and implementing plans, testing and developing pilot projects in the urban space;
  • Creating special-purpose entities in order to implement the project and manage the process (associations, foundations, partnerships, other entities);
  • Advising on determining the optimal mode of investment project implementation;
  • Legal support in determining and implementing mechanisms of obtaining project financing;
  • Legal support in applying for funding for innovative projects;
  • Legal counselling in terms of implementation of energy efficiency improvement projects in the public sector (EPC, ESCO) – preparing the tender documentation, agreements;
  • Legal counselling for technical dialogues, competitive dialogues, investment partnerships, city hackathons;
  • Legal advising on creating consortiums, partnerships and negotiating public-private partnership agreements;
  • Legal advising on opening data in public sector (Open Data) and access to public information.

Law for public sector

  • Ongoing legal services for local government units and their organisational units, including municipal companies, budget companies, social welfare centres;
  • Drafting and issuing opinions on local legislation and administrative decisions;
  • Preparing opinions on planned resolutions and orders;
  • Advising on matters relating to breaches of public finance discipline;
  • Preparing legal opinions on employment issues, municipal management, environmental protection and waste, real estate management, construction law;
  • Legal advising on local fees and taxes;
  • Legal assistance related to spatial planning and development;
  • Preparing legal opinions relating to administrative and administrative court proceedings,
  • Representing local government units in proceedings before courts and administrative bodies.

Public procurement law

  • Legal counselling for public entities acting as ordering parties – with regard to organising the process of awarding public procurement, properly preparing and conducting the procurement procedure;
  • Legal counselling for contractors at every stage of the procurement procedure, starting from the analysis of tender documents, ending up with preparing the offer and completing the formalities necessary to conclude the contract with the ordering party;
  • Complex assistance in appeal proceedings (lodging the appeals and representation before the National Appeals Chamber (KIO) and common courts);
  • Analysing tender documentation, indicating legal risks, drafting requests to the ordering party;
  • Assistance in preparation of a tender, completion of formalities necessary to conclude a contract with the ordering party;
  • Comprehensive preparation of tender documentation, public procurement contracts;
  • Advising at the stage of execution of public procurement contracts;
  • Drafting opinions on public procurement law, legal assistance in disputes resolution;
  • Legal counselling in relation to performing tasks within public procurement;
  • Legal advising in the process of awarding of contracts co-financed with external funds – domestic or foreign.

Public-private partnership

  • Comprehensive assessing the effectiveness of a PPP project;
  • Complex legal counselling related to the investor’s participation in the process of choosing the private partner – drafting tender documentation, legal counselling of competitive dialogue;
  • Due diligence of a public-private partnership agreement, preparing a risk report (red flag), advising during contract negotiations;
  • Drafting and assessing PPP agreements, concessions, investment agreements;
  • Controlling PPP/concession project execution;
  • Advising on commercial and financial closure of a PPP project.

Infrastructure and real estate

  • Analysis and identification of legal risks regarding real estate and investments;
  • Due diligence of land/property;
  • Ongoing legal services concerning the investment processes;
  • Advising on matters concerning the legal status of the properties;
  • Drafting, assessing and negotiating investment agreements, development agreements, construction works contracts, subcontractors agreements etc.;
  • Advising on concluding tenancy agreements, lease agreements, contracts of lending for use etc.;
  • Advising on real estate transactions including transactions involving foreigners;
  • Advising on financing construction investments;
  • Pursuing contractual claims, representation in administrative and court proceedings, including, land and mortgage register proceedings.

Chambers of commerce, foundations

  • Setting up foundations, associations and chambers of commerce, drafting of statutes, assistance in conducting founding meetings;
  • Ongoing advisory services for foundations, associations and chambers of commerce, clusters and think tanks;
  • Providing day-to-day services to the bodies of foundations, associations and chambers of commerce – preparing drafts of resolutions, legal opinions etc.;
  • Advising on obtaining the status of a Public Benefit Organization (PPO);
  • Assisting in completing procedures in case of winding up and closing down the activity of foundations, associations, chambers of commerce etc.;
  • Notifying the National Court Register (KRS) about all required updates and data changes;
  • Representation before state and local administration bodies and administrative courts.

E-commerce, competition law

  • Preparing terms and conditions of online shops and web pages, drafting privacy policies;
  • Preparing and assessing terms and conditions for promotional campaigns, contests, lotteries, loyalty programmes;
  • Advising on personal data protection, adjusting current procedures to binding legal regulations (GDPR);
  • Advising on the compliance of planned activities with competition law and consumer law, including influencer marketing;
  • Advising on protection against unfair competition, in particular protection of business secrets, similarities between products and their advertisements, unfair use of the name and reputation of the business entity;
  • Preparing notices regarding infringements due to acts of unfair competition or replies to such notices;
  • Preparing agreements on trade secrets (NDA), protection of know-how, non-compete and non-solicitation.

IP and personal rights

  • Advisory on protection of copyrights, trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs;
  • Transaction advisory services related to intellectual property (IP) rights, i.e. transferring of IP rights, including copyrights, trademarks;
  • Advising in terms of liability for intellectual property rights infringement;
  • Advising on protection of personal rights, including in particular: dignity, name, business name (rights to goodwill), image right, right to privacy and Internet privacy;
  • Legal counselling related to creating and launching products and new brand to the market;
  • Representation in IP and personal rights infringement proceedings.

Law for foreigners, immigration law

  • Advising on foreign investments (FDI) in Poland;
  • Full legal services for starting and conducting business activity in Poland (corporate, civil, employment, administrative law etc.);
  • Ongoing advisory services and consulting for foreign enterprises and companies with foreign capital operating in Poland;
  • Immigration law – assistance in legalization of stay in Poland (completing documents and aplying for temporary stay permit (TRC), including “blue card”, permanent stay permit etc.);
  • Assistance in legalization of work in Poland;
  • Advising on launching products to the Polish market (import, export, distribution);
  • Advising on purchase, sale or lease of real estate in Poland;
  • Legal counselling and assistance in the process of application for purchasing a property in Poland;
  • Advisory and assistance in the process of concluding contracts (commercial, lease, employment etc) and in the process of obtaining required documents, permits etc.;
  • Representation of foreigners in the civil, commercial, administrative and criminal proceedings in the territory of Poland.

India desk

  • Advising on different types of transactions both in Poland and India;
  • Setting up companies, partnerships etc. in Poland and India;
  • Advising on joint-ventures and other cooperation models in Poland and India;
  • Advising on securing business transactions;
  • Advising on intellectual property rights, including trademarks and patents;
  • Drafting, assessing and negotiating commercial contracts;
  • Assistance in debt recovery from Polish od Indian entity;
  • Assistance in execution of receivables and recognition of foreign judgements;
  • Courses on cultural differences and the business culture in Poland and India.